You might also be interested in three of my books: 'Back to the Garden', a collection of my gardening journalism, from The Spectator and the Daily Telegraph, 'The English Garden', with pictures by Andrew Lawson and - my latest - 'A Green and Pleasant Land: How England's Gardeners Fought the Second World War'. Read what the reviewers say about 'A Green and Pleasant Land'.

"Informative and highly entertaining" (Daily Mail)

"Meticulously researched, gripping and often humorous " (Country Life)

"Elegantly written and rich with horticultural vignettes" (Spectator)

"Buchan's book provides an intriguing glimpse of horticultural life in war conditions... [An] excellent book, both touching and informative on a historical level." (Lady)

"[An] engaging history... All sorts of people found solace in creating small regions of abundance and fertility, a counter to the annihilating wastefulness of war." (Observer)

"..a narrative that is always engaging, sometimes astonishing, by turns hilarious, outrageous and deeply moving." (Hortus)